We exist to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of software systems in government agencies so those organizations can deliver better service to benefit society.

We are here to help your organization maximize the benefits that you can achieve through crowdsourcing and engaging directly through technology with your customers and constituents.

Republic Systems uses a blend of open source software, crowdsourcing and open innovation to affect a superior and low cost technology platform.

  • The intersection of government and technology is getting very exciting as citizen engagement explodes. Done right, embracing social media and SMS as tools can establish a new level of efficiency for government agencies and the interaction with constituents.

    Rob Hughes Founder & President
  • As the world becomes more complex, we really have only one resource that can rise to meet the scale of challenges we face: our citizens. In a true virtuous cycle, not only is this the only way we can scale to meet our challenges, it has the added benefit of being able to lift the very people creating solutions.

    Jack Hughes Co-Founder
  • We know for a fact that one of the great things that crowdsourcing unleashes is Diversity. Diversity of perspectives on how to solve the problem. In one contest/challenge we will get lots of entries and with those entries comes many different ways to approach solving the problem.

    Karim Lakhani, Ph.D. Co-Founder
  • I want to help companies understand how to design distributed innovation systems to be as productive and innovative as possible.

    Kevin Boudreau, Ph.D. Co-Founder
  • Challenges allow us to engage folks that are not normally engaged, to help provide solutions to really hard, complex problems.

    Jason Crusan Co-Founder

mCiti is a Software as a Service (SaaS) citizen engagement app for citizens and beneficiaries that receive State and Federal Assistance Benefits.

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