There are literally hundreds of active competition prize platforms that exist in the marketplace today. These platforms range widely in their age, maturity, mechanics, software tools, community approach/size and their track record for successful outcomes. Nearly all specialize in very narrow domains of technology, business, science or research and their respective communities reflect this focus. Choosing the correct platform for each competition prize can be a daunting task.  As the infographic details below, there are many options to choose from for each type of task.

Republic Systems is here to help you with your crowdsourcing efforts. We will conduct a series of interviews with the domain and Subject Matter Experts (SME) staff and faculty that hold knowledge or access to the data/processes critical to the competition envisioned.


Republic will then follow an evaluation checklist in order to develop a set of requirements and goals. Through an exhaustive analysis of the requirements, goals and existing content for the area of focus, Republic Systems will produce a Prize Competition Plan.

This plan will include, at a minimum:

  • Detailed competition description (and a list of contest subsets)
  • Known requirements and parameters (scope definition)
  • Potential additional work types outside of contest
  • Required inputs in the form of content/assets
  • Quantified goals and units of measure
  • Deployment/Sustainability strategy (high level)
  • Potential risks
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Below are success stories for federal and state government use of crowdsourcing and open innovation.