A Force for Good

Republic Systems’ transparenC counters harmful practices such as forced labor and destruction of wildlife and habitats by drastically decreasing the amount of time required to trace a product back to its origin.

transparenC is digitizing the first mile of the supply chain in developing countries, where traditional traceability systems are costly to implement.


Republic Systems' transparenC is an open-sourced software application that provides connectivity in lengthy disaggregated supply chains.

It is as easy to use as your favorite social media app.


With Republic Systems' transparenC, disaggregated participants in the supply chain to capture images of physical trace documents, add metadata, and submit to a central database from their smart devices.

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Full Supply Chain Management

Select a document
Capture an image of the document
Add specific details and recipients
Save and submit the document

Republic Systems builds technically advanced, cost-effective SaaS applications that engage users and deliver measurable results.

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Who We Are

Republic Systems is a systems development company primarily serving
businesses, government agencies and NGOs.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our Core Principles

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Our Leadership

Our History

Founded in 2014 as a software company

Founded in 2014 as a software company focusing on the intersection of developers, online communities and emerging technology.

Projects include:

Projects include: software solutions in the Medicaid space; citizen engagement app and benefits eligibility calculator mCiti; and transparenC for a global NGO focused on conservation.

Republic Systems is fully engaged

Republic Systems is fully engaged in development as the power and ubiquity of mobile technology continues to grow and bring immediate information to people worldwide.